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How To Clean The Shower Head? Maintenance Tips For Shower Nozzles?


General households will install showers, but the types of showers will be different, and different styles and brands will be different, so we have to understand some about the showers, and the showers will be used for a long time. If there is a clogging problem, how to clean the shower nozzle? What are the maintenance methods for the shower nozzle?

一. How to clean the shower nozzle

1. The shower nozzle diverts the water column from multiple water outlets, which reduces the impact on the skin and can also achieve a massage effect. When cleaning, you can use small objects around you, such as embroidery needles for stitching. Pierce the needles into each outlet hole one by one to make the scale fall off the inner wall of the outlet hole, then pour water into the nozzle from the water inlet, shake and pour the water out, so that the scale can be fully cleaned.

2. We can use white vinegar to help. The specific method is to put a small amount of water and white vinegar mixture in a plastic bag of appropriate size, then wrap the nozzle, and tie the upper part with string or rubber band. Here is the principle that vinegar can dissolve calcium carbonate.

3. For sprinklers with electroplated surfaces, we need to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the surface in addition to cleaning. We need to keep the surface clean after use. We often use a soft cloth, stained with flour, to wipe the surface, and rinse with water to keep the surface smooth and prolong its service life.

二. How to maintain the shower nozzle
1. It is recommended to check or replace the water supply hose every 1-2 years. Although replacing the water hose is not a complicated task, it is best to leave it to the property or professional. In addition, when replacing the hose at the beginning or later, pay attention to whether the worker has installed an angle valve on the wall.

2. In order to ensure the useful life of the shower head, it is best to keep it away from the bathroom heater when it is installed, and the distance from the bathroom heater is more than 60cm, and often use a soft cloth with a little flour to wipe the surface of the shower to keep it still like New.

3. In order to keep the shower surface clean, a soft cloth is often used to wipe the surface with flour, and then rinse with water to keep the surface smooth; use a toothbrush moistened with toothpaste to scrub the surface of the shower, just like brushing your teeth. 3 Rinse with clean water for a minute, and dry.

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