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How To Install The Shower Head


How to install the shower head

First, turn off the water source, put the rubber pad on a section of the pipe, tighten the pipe to the connection of the water pipe, and then connect the shower head to the pipe. After installation, try to turn on the shower head switch. If there is no problem, just It's ready to use.

How to maintain the shower head daily

1. When the shower nozzle is in use, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature is below 70 degrees. Otherwise, the high temperature may accelerate the aging of the shower nozzle, which may also shorten the service life. Moreover, the position of the nozzle installation should also be based on the principle of the electrical heat source, and it is still not possible to install it directly under the Yuba. The distance between the two should be controlled at about 60cm.

2. The shower head can be said to be used as a metal hose. It can be said that these also maintain a natural stretch state at all times. It can be said that when using it, it needs to be coiled on the faucet. It should be noted here that there are joints between the hose and the faucet. This is not to produce some dead ends, or it may cause the hose to be disconnected, and some damage may occur at this time.

3. When the shower head has been used for more than half a year, in this case, the shower head must be disassembled, and at the same time, it must be placed in the basin. At the same time, some edible white vinegar must be added to this If the surface is soaked with the inside, after a few days, you should use some cotton cloth to wipe the water outlet of the shower head, and then rinse it off with this white vinegar.

Summary: This is the introduction about how to install the shower head. The installation can be done according to the above methods. Then some details of the installation are also paid special attention to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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